About Us

We started our ironing service from home about 10 years ago. We have young children so gaining a second wage was always going to be a challenge like it is to any family. A friend mentioned to us that an ironing service might be a good idea, and after some research (looking at what equipment would be required, the area we would cover, and the already established competition), we decided we would give it a go.

After some hard work and trialling many different things, we were fortunate that after the first 12 months our little business had more than exceeded our expectations and that we were at a point of needing to look for someone else to help with the amount of work that we were starting to take. You have to be realistic, you might never become rich running your own ironing service, but it can provide a very good, steady income whilst working flexible hours.

We were also fortunate that we had the ability to create a website, as we have experience in this from previous work. We started our business whilst the website was being constructed, and found things slow to start with. However, when the website was launched, and in conjunction with a Google AdWords campaign (very easy to set up), we found that over 90% of our customers in the first year found us through Google, both through the advertisements and the search engine optimisation that we did with our keywords on the website.

Seeing as how valuable this business has been for us, allowing us to earn a second income, pay for Christmas and a holiday, and all around dropping the children off at school in a morning and collecting them again in the afternoon, we decided that we would offer the opportunity to other people that are looking for an option like this and to allow them to benefit from our experiences.