Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I actually need a website?
    Well that's a question only you can answer. But, it's believed that around 7 in 10 people now turn to the internet first when looking for assistance with domestic home services. And in all likelihood, your competition may well have or get a website too, so the real question is... Can you afford not to have one?
  • Are there any other costs on top of the package price that I will need to pay?
    No, the package price covers everything for the first year, then there is a fee of only £20 per year after that for ongoing website/domain name renewal and hosting.
  • Am I able to change the colours of my site?
    For the Classic Package you choose a colour scheme upon placing your order, and that's the colour your site stays. The Responsive Package has the option within the Admin Area of changing the colour scheme whenever you want to, and as often as you want to. Read more about the Packages here.
  • Is it important to have a responsive website?
    These days visitors to websites are viewing the content on many different types of devices, and more importantly different screen sizes, and it's important to ensure the information on your site is made available in a suitable format for the viewer. Google also sees this as important, and ranks "responsive" websites higher than those that do not adapt to the size of the screen of the visitor to the site.
  • This seems a bit complicated to me, will I be able to use it?
    Yes, we provide a detailed User Manual for each website that gives you step by step instructions on how to use each area of your website. And if you still experience a problem we are on hand to give assistance as required with no additional charge.
  • Will my website be seen at the top of search engine results once it is ready?
    Not immediately. Google (and others) have a complex way of calculating the results it shows, and in what order it shows them. However, both Packages are SEO (Search Engine Optimised) and submitted to Google once complete to allow this process to start immediately. Other things that can drive visitors to your site and increase your rankings on Google search results is a Google AdWords campaign. The User Manual supplied when you purchase a website and hosting package from us gives further information about how your results can be improved.
  • Isn't Google AdWords expensive and difficult to set up?
    No and no. Like anything once you get used to it it's a lot simpler, and we can always help you set this up if you have any problems (no charge!). We found from around £15 per month in adverts on Google (which effectively buys you a space at the top of Google's search results), we were driving 3 or 4 customers to our website, many of which would be regular customers in the future. A good investment.