Interactive Website

There are two sides of the website that are interactive, the side that the customes see when visiting your website, and the Admin Area that only you have access to, that allows you to make changes to your site and to enable you to run your business more effectively.

Customer Interaction

The website has been designed to allow the visitor to enter some information to enable them to get more tailored information. This is done in multiple ways as detailed below:

Area We Cover and Collection/Delivery Cost Calculator

Area We Cover, also including the ability to calculate the collection/delivery charges. This information is able to be set from within the Admin Area, allowing the ability to achieve an area of free delivery (if desired), together with a charge per mile for areas beyond this, right up to the edge of your coverage area.

The visitor is able to enter their postcode, and the website will work out the cost of delivery from your home/work address to theirs. This same functionaility is used when generating invoices for customers from within the Admin Area, to auto-calculate delivery charges for customers upon entering each new invoice.

Price List and Calculator

The Price Calculator not only shows your site visitors the prices, but also gives them the ability to enter quantities against each item and to calculate the total cost of their ironing.

By using the above 2 tools on the website (which are included in both Packages), your customer is able to calculate the total cost of their ironing together with the cost of collection/delivery if there is one, so there will be no hidden surprises when it comes to payment.

Message Box and Social Media Links

With the Responsive Package every page on your site ends with the message box and links to your social media sites (if you want to use them). Completion of the message box generates an email to you containing the entered information. This gives the visitors to your site every opportunity to find out more information about you or to get in touch with you.

The Classic Package includes a message box, but does not have social media links.

Making a Booking Online

Making it possible for your website visitors to make a booking whilst online is very important.

This interactive tool allows the customer to enter thier name and address details, together with some information on the type and amount of ironing they want done. Also here the customer specifies the level of service they require (generally 48 hour as standard with the possibility to upgrade to 24 hour for a small fee, but this can be changed).

The customer also selects their collection time and date form the next 6 working days

Once complete an email is sent to you containing the entered information, and an email is sent to the customer to confirm their booking.

Admin Area

The Admin Area allows you to manage your website, and also offers other tools such as customer management and invoice generation as detailed below.

Prices, Item Descriptions and Collecton/Delivery Charges

Here you can change prices and item descriptions, which feed immediately back to the prices and calculator on your website.

From drawing the outline of the area that you cover on a Google Map (don't worry, it's easy!), to changing the prices you charge per mile, and how far you want to go to offer free delivery, you have full control over and the ability to change your coverage area and the prices you charge for both ironing and collection/delivery on you website.

This is also where you enter your social media information if you want to link to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ accounts.

Changing the Colour Scheme

With the Responsive Package, you have the ability to change the colour scheme used on your website whenever you want to, as often as you want to. Currently available in green, pink and blue, with other colour schemes coming soon.

The Classic Package allows for 1 colour scheme to be chosen from the start but does not offer the facility to change.

Other Admin Area Functionality

Also included in the Admin Area is the following functionality:

  • View a list of your orders by date, split by weeks and months, allowing easy completion of tax returns at year end, etc.
  • View the bookings taken on your website (also confirmed by email when received)
  • View a list of the messages sent to you from your website (also confirmed by email when sent)
  • The ability to change the descriptions and prices for the items on your website
  • A "tracker" facility to see all the visits that have been made to your website, showing the pages visited and the time and date. This offers a good visibility to the usage of your website, and if there are potential problems with your pricing levels or area coverage
  • Ability to download both customer lists and order information in spreadsheet (.xlsx) format for further analysis

General Settings here can also be changed for the following items:

  • Minimum order value
  • Next day delivery surcharge
  • Special note on webpage (special offers, new areas covered, etc.)
  • The mileage charge used to calculate your delivery rates *

* This option also allows for you to offer a discount on the collection/delivery rate, effectively creating a local area for free delivery. This has been found useful for developing business in your local areas.